Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sarah and Chris {Engaged}

I know spring has sprung, but I am going to take you back to another wintery afternoon. Two feet of just fallen snow was the perfect backdrop for Sarah and Chris' engagement session, and they were amazing sports to brave the elements...This may have been my coldest engagement session EVER, but it was so beautiful, I was immune to the cold (knit gloves with a finger tip cut off helped). It wasn't until we were done and the heat full-throttle for the entire drive home couldn't thaw me out that I realized how very cold it was...But I absolutely loved our romp through the deep snow. The vibrant red barns of Endicott park were a beautiful contrast against the blanket of white, and the grounds of historic Glen Magna Farms were so quiet and peaceful as we made the first tracks along it's magestic tree-lined path. The sun finally came out at the very end of our shoot, and filtered through the trees, lighting up Sarah's gorgeous mane of dark hair (score!). Oh, and Chris is one of those grooms...I love the guy! He is so funny and sweet--and agreeable to my crazy whims! And you can tell it is because he loves his girl so much, it was all for her. The poor guy was frozen solid, his ungloved hands bright red (and that was before I made them take off their coats!), yet he picked her up, dipped her, and managed to maintain a genuine smile on his frozen face!

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erica said...

i love the red coat against the snow!!