Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mary Kate & Justin {Engagement}

I wanted to get Mary Kate and Justin's engagement pictures up right away for a couple reasons...1.) they are already married! (The wedding was last weekend and every bit as gorgeous as I knew it would be.) 2.) I absolutely looooved this shoot. Mary Kate and Justin live in Danbury, CT and booked me from afar. So the first time we met was when they walked toward me through the low glistening sunlight in Old Lyme, CT for our engagement session. I just adore this couple; not only are they warm and friendly and up for anything, they are such a striking pair! Justin has this adorable, flirty grin, and Mary Kate, with her long legs, curtain of raven hair and grape green eyes looks like she stepped out of the pages of 1940s fashion spread. We started at this wonderful used book store nestled in the woods in Niantic, CT called the Book Barn. There are all these darling out-buildings brimming with books, each with a clever name, such as Last Page, Haunted Book shop and Hades. Simply enchanting. After exploring all of the sweet literary nooks and crannies, we moved on to the shore where my parents have a beach cottage (or "beach shack" as I lovingly call it). I knew MK and Justin were JUST the pair to try out something I've wanted to do for awhile. My brothers are lovers of any vintage gem, particulary if it has a motor--and they acquired these two old, rusty, yet fabulous dirtbikes--one blue, one a delicious yellow. I just knew they would sizzle in an engagement session. And MK and Justin had just the adventurous spirits to try them out! With the help of my brother Sam, we got the engines to cough to a start, and off MK and Justin went into the sunset! We ended the shoot with a stroll through the beach community, Point O' Woods, and stopped at some of my favorite spots along the way as the sun dropped. Enough explanation, take a peek at this adorable pair and our fun, photographic adventure!


Tracy said...

Stunning work as usual! This is one of my most favorite parts of CT. You really captured amazing moments.

Tara Lynn Sen said...

BEAUTIFUL Liz! So much fun with all of the different locals. Such a stunning couple!