Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Liz and Jaimie: Milton Hoosic Club Wedding

On this stormy day, I am so pleased to publish this sparkling wedding, the third in my string of weddings starring brides named Liz. Everything about this wedding was sweet, light, and refreshing. It was a perfect early September day, clear and warm, with the slightest breath of cool in the air. I arrived at Liz's family home, and was immediately welcomed in with smiles and warm chatter and open arms. To emphasize how welcome I felt, Liz's mom had made a sandwich for me, featuring a post-it note labeled with my name. A first! It was all smiles and joy and love in that house as Liz got ready, and this sentiment continued as we moved on to the Milton Hoosic Club, where the ceremony and reception were held. Actually, refreshing is the best word I can use to describe Liz and Jaimie as a couple. They are so open and warm, and most importantly, so truly, genuinely in love--I was sniffling a bit during their vows, which they wrote for each other, and which were raw and real and tender. Oh and by the way, Liz could not be more gorgeous; she is fresh-faced and smiley, with positive energy just sparking off of her. Watching her and Jaimie speak to each other during the ceremony gave me such a content feeling. And the sun streaming through the trees in that yard had me reeling; I was down in that grass, shooting up at them with beautiful bokeh through the trees, and glistening light ringing around them and streaming through the space between their lips (I may have gotten a little giddy at this point and shot a bit excessively--I can, um, get a little nutty when I find my "dream light"). I loved the fresh color palate of green and yellow, and every personal, artistic touch that made the day unique: the whimsical ribbon backdrop that made me swoon, the delicate doilies (each one unique) under every centerpiece, the custom drawing friends gave them as a gift, the fans with mad libs on the back, and the custom-made cake toppers that adorned the cake. But most of all, it was the sweet nature of Liz and Jaimie's partnership that I found to be most notable. So without further ado, feast your eyes on this lovely bride, whose beauty and energy spills out onto everyone around her, her gentle-natured dashing groom, and their gorgeous September day that I was lucky enough to capture. Liz has two engagement rings, but this stunner is the one with which Jaimie proposed! So much loveliness, it called for a collage. Sibling adorableness. Not usually a huge fan of flare, but this is so yummy. The happy couple and their pups! And of course, the slideshow! Turn up your volume; I've been saving this song for the perfect couple....

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Pat Larkin said...

Liz and Jaimie's love for each other is so beautiflly captured in these pictures. I can't wait to see the rest!
Love you, Liz & Jaimie!
Aunt Pat