Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Blossoming Artist

So, it turns out our Little Tiny is quite the artist. In true Viola fashion, she surprised us with this knowledge...just as she surprised us by counting to ten when we were working on only "one, two, fill in the blank with three" (she went to ten), and just as she surprised us by spelling out her whole name when I started with "V" intending to spell it for her....This time it was with drawing. Matt gave her a blank piece of paper, turned to Maeve for a minute, and when he looked back, Viola had drawn what she pointed out to him were "a girl and a boy." They had heads, eyes, mouths (one smiling, one frowning), noses, bodies, arms, legs, feet, and one even had hair. She draws all the time, but I had no idea she could draw beyond circles and a few letters! She sure showed me. Her dad was so proud. We did a little research, and it turns out she is quite ahead of the curve with drawing figures so young, especially with the details. I can't help but boast, I am such a proud mom :) So here is her portrait "A Boy and a Girl" followed by "A Happy Girl and a Sad Boy." Have you ever seen anything so marvelous?

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