Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My little ladies

My girls are growing up so fast...Maeve is practically breaking out of my arms she is so eager to explore (mostly through taste) her surroundings. She has such a defined little personality already. Such a fervent curiosity. She can make her way all the way across the floor by laying on her back and pushing off with her legs. She has added the "word" mama to her vocabulary (along with dada, gah, goo, and bah). She is so vocal (loves to hear her own voice), and she does both dainty little feminine squeals and deep, throaty growls. She is a total mommy's girl and is just the softest, sweetest, happiest little cuddle-bug.

Her big sister Viola is amazing. I can't even believe she is turning three TOMORROW! My little Tiny is not tiny anymore (but to me she will always be known as Tiny). We had her birthday party at our new house on Sunday; it was a Victorian tea party--I will post photos soon (omg, so freakin' cute) but for now, a coquettish shot of my lil' lady:

And her drawings...well, her drawings need their own post. I will get on that right away.

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Anna Yu said...

Happy Belated Birthday to a wonderful sweet Viola!!! We need to get together soon! I soooo want to give warm hugs to your little angels!