Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lance and Leah: slideshow

Lance called me one morning six months ago, and after our very first converstaion, I knew we would hit it off. We met up in February for a very cold engagement session, and he and Leah were so upbeat, energetic, funny, and in love with each other that I just couldn't wait to document their wedding, which took place two weeks ago on the Cape. The ceremony was in charming Falmouth center, and the reception at the Casino Wharf right on the water. Due to some craziness in my life right now (selling our house with surprising lightning speed among other developments), I am putting their slideshow up late--I am so sorry, L & L! I just adore you two, and the wedding was amazing. Like the two of you, it was classy, fun, and adventurous! I will add more to this post later (with images of course), but for now, check out Lance and Leah's slideshow!

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erica said...

awesome liz!! Although i expect nothing less from you ;)