Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All about the girls

I started writing a post to go with some recent photos of my little ladies, and when I looked up, it was seven paragraphs long. So I decided I would keep it simple, try not to get carried away doing what I do as a photographer--obsessively trying to preserve moments that are fleeting, days that are over too quickly. Time is flying and my children are growing so fast. They amaze me every day with what they are learning, who they are becoming, quirky and imaginative and thoughtful (Viola), reckless and cunning and strong-willed--just delightful (Maeve). I can't put into words how magical my world is with them in it, how wonderful and ordinary and exhilarating--and how thankful I am for every day with them.


Anna Yu said...

Liz, Viola and Maeve are so beautiful...real angels!!!
I enjoyed looking at all of these, thank you for posting them. We definitely need to get together soon, I can't believe Maeve is walking on her own already!!!!
Everything is happening so fast nowadays, it is so true, if we don't preserve these precious moments, they just slip by...

Tara Lynn Sen said...

We love these girls so much! These photographs capture them perfectly- absolutely awesome.