Friday, April 30, 2010

Carly and Mike: wedding

Interestingly, Carly almost didn't have a wedding day. And I don't mean she almost left Mike standing at the altar; rather, Carly almost became a nun. Her faith is extremely important to her; yet, after taking initital steps toward this chosen path, she decided that she yearned for a family, and her life took a different turn. She later met Mike, and soon found herself saying "I do" surrounded by friends and family in her beloved Catholic church. Carly and Mike started their life together with a ton of good luck, because it poured for their entire April wedding day....But it didn't put a damper for a second on their beautiful day. There were so many personal touches: Carly made the vibrant blue flowers the girls wore in their hair, and she and her bridesmaids made their own bouquets (Carly herself was tying ribbon around the stems just an hour before walking down the aisle)...And Mike is quite an amazing fella too. Embarressingly, I left my car lights on during the ceremony and my battery died--a wedding first (thank goodness). I mention it because, despite my protests, guess who came to my aid? Mike did. Yup, the GROOM. He barreled toward my car in his giant truck, hopped out, and in his tux, in the rain, he jumped my car in about two minutes...What a guy! I enjoyed every minute of the day (despite some major lighting challenges!), and I wish the newlyweds so much happiness. It is obvious to me they will have an amazing partnership, and that Carly made the right choice!

Love the flower accessories made by the bride herself.

The flower girl was a REDHEAD! And as you know, I have a thing for gingers...

You may be able to see rain slanting down at them in this shot--what good sports!

I loved the wall of pictures guests drew for the newlyweds.

I always love a good pair of converse on the dance floor.

And of course....the slideshow! Be sure to turn up your volume...


erica said...

you really get a sense of the days with these shots. I love 'em!!

...miss you :(

sue said...

Absolutely Beautiful! What a memory to have! Congratulations to Bob and Debbie for raising such an amazing Man who clearly has found the perfect woman to share his life with. May you both be blessed with happiness and love in your Marriage.

Sue Turner
(friend of Debbie)

mat said...

Liz, great work getting the shots even when the weather doesn't cooperate... I love the converse!
- Mat