Thursday, April 01, 2010

In costume

I have been playing a game of catch-up this winter and spring after a long wedding season that went through the fall and into the winter, and I haven't blogged some of my favorite photos of the last few months. So I tried to narrow them down, and decided I couldn't go without blogging some of the photos from last Halloween. I LOVE Halloween, and since I've had kiddos, I love it even more. My girls had three sets of costumes: they were a witch and a black cat, a butterfly and lady bug, and of course, a pair of little mermaids...We had Halloween activities planned for four weeks straight, including a few costumed playdates. Of course, I had to bust out my camera for these. My favorite is the one of the kiddos in a huge pile of leaves (the contents of our whole yard), with Viola in the center, a look of pure joy on her face.

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Tara Lynn Sen said...

I love these- my favorite is definitely Viola in the middle of all of the leaves- you caught the moment of absolute joy!