Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Theodore Michael: Newborn

There is nothing better than photographing the babies of my brides and grooms, and last month, I had the honor of meeting tiny sweet Theo, born just one week earlier to one of my wonderful couples, Laura and Mike. Theo is the sweetest little snuggle-muffin! Laura and Mike's condo has a wonderful porch, painted gray, with lots of window light--perfect for portraits. So we wrapped the little guy up in some blankets and put him on pillows--and he was a little star! He snuggled up and slept peacefully for us (though I did get some awake shots too--what a precious little face). I was honored to capture these fleeting early moments for you, Laura and Mike--congratulations on your beautiful little boy!

Tiny fingers. Proud parents.

Gotta have some foot shots...

Laura's mother wove Theo's bassinet--isn't it beautiful?


erica said...

such a cute little one :)

great work!

Tara Lynn Sen said...

Liz, these shots and the ones of Julia make me melt. I love your work with little ones, you have such a gift!