Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catie and Joe

I used to teach with Catie's mom Lauren, and I was thrilled when both she and Catie e-mailed me (on the same day in fact) to express their interest in me as a wedding photographer for Catie's wedding next August (8-8-08!). Catie reminds me so much of her mom, and she couldn't be sweeter. Her irresistibly funny, vivacious nature made the photo shoot so lively and fun. She is so spunky, and the adorable way she interacts with Joe--who is more stoic--is so cute to observe (and photograph). I tried to capture that dynamic as we strolled around The Sheepfolds in Medford (I had noticed the way the tall grass caught low light when I was there with Matt, Viola, and Ivy a week or so before, and I knew it would make an ideal photo spot). I had so much fun "playing" with them in the grass and on the rocks beside Spot Pond, so naturally, I can't wait to see them dressed all snazzy on 8-8-08!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Katie and Brian

Katie and Brian were highschool sweethearts; in fact, a fun fact I learned at the wedding was that they were crowned king and queen ten years ago at their prom! Once again, ten years later, they were the stars of the evening, and they were just glowing with happiness. Their wedding was in Old Saybrook, CT, a seaside town where I spent the summers of my childhood at my grandparents' cottage. Thus, the church, the point, the park in which we did the formals are all places I frequented often growing up. For this reason, the location held special significance for me. That, along with the fact that it was such a genuine, emotion-rich celebration, and the fact that I felt like I knew both families already (I photographed Brian's sister's wedding last fall, and I have been in close contact with Katie's sweet mother in the months leading up to the wedding) made it a particularly memorable evening, and made it so easy to know where to look for the best shots. Katie's dimpled smile is contagious, and I had so much fun watching her beam at her new husband through my lens. Here's to the newlyweds, and the culminating event of their decade together!

The Howes Family

I met up with Carrie and her boys one crisp Sunday morning for family photos. Carrie is a very talented wedding invitation and card designer--and she is also a photographer herself! We meet on many different creative levels, and I'm so pleased to have come to know her. This time, she was in front of the camera with her husband, Judd and three beautiful boys. I was astonished by how adorably willing the older boys were to let me photograph them (they are well-trained for the camera) and how easy it was to get great shots. They flashed their ever-charming smiles up at me and sat dutifully where I suggested, tilting their heads and grinning sweetly. Baby Gunnar was simply precious in his tiny polo shirt--he smiled gleefully when his mom talked to him, scrunching up his whole face in joy. Side note: Gunnar is going to be Elvis for Halloween. He has a little wig and all. Now that would be a prize photo; I'm sure his mom is taking care of that. I was so happy to finally meet the little Howes boys, and I had such a great time exploring the Jackson farm with them.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sam and Kristin

My little brother Sam married his true love Kristin in September, and their wedding was so beautiful, and so true to them. It took place at the University of New Hampshire where they met. The ceremony was rich in emotion and spirituality, and though the morning started off rainy, as Sam and Kristin descended the steps of the church, the sun broke through the clouds--no joke, it was at that exact moment! The reception was at the New England Center, which is nestled in trees, and makes an ideal setting for my woodsy, outdoor adventure sporting, nature-loving brother and sis-in-law. Sam carved holes in these knotty South American tree roots for candle holders. The place cards were stones from a nearby beach--Kristin painted the guests' names on them. I was their photographer, and I tried to find the balance between working and allowing myself to really experience the day. Luckily, I am happiest when I have a camera in my hands, and so I was able to channel my energy and emotion into my work. My dear, super-talented friend Linda made the trip from New York to assist me and give me the chance to spend some time with my family--and so I could be in some of the family photos! Before the sun set, I whisked the bride and groom away into the trees for some low-light shots. It was so cute to photograph them all snazzed up in a tux and gown. All the photos I have of Sam and Kristin are playful and silly--like Sam piggy-backing Kristin on the beach, or throwing her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift--and they're always wearing t-shirts and Chaco sandals or matching orange fleeces...They are a perfect match, and will share so many adventures. I am so, so happy for them.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Stevens Family

One weekend in August, I didn't have any weddings, but I did a photoshoot Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. I realize now that I have no shred of a life left, but hey, I am doing what I love, and what could be better that?

Lisa and Bob have the most precious boys. They are so, so beautiful. Matthew has this head of unbridled cherubic curls and Michael has these stunningly long, enviable eyelashes. Both boys have bright sapphire eyes that just make you melt, and, as you can imagine, they were a pleasure to photograph. We had that perfect soft low light, and amazingly, we were able to rope the family's two dogs (including one curious and rambunctious little black lab puppy) into a full group portrait. Lisa is so warm and genuine, and I loved spending time getting to know her and her sweet family.

Addy turns one

I photographed Justin and Betsy's charming wedding, and did a newborn photoshoot when they welcomed their daughter Addyson into their lives last summer. A year later, on the very day of her first birthday, I did another photoshoot of little Addy. Betsy picked me up in a rustic motorboat and ferried me across the bay to her family's cottage on Cedar Island in Clinton, CT. It's the most amazing place; there is no electricity on the island, and there are no cars, and no roads, just sandy paths. The main strip is a path down the center of the island, with a row of cottages on either side lining the shore (there is nothing but waterfront property on this island). There is no need for shoes, and so we explored the island barefoot, and found what I thought to be the most charming corner of the island--all dunes and driftwood and unspoiled beach--and it caught the low orange light perfectly. Addy is so dainty and smiley and curious, and she loved holding her parents' hands and wading in the water. It was the perfect day for a first birthday, and Addy was the perfect little model.

Careys at the Beach

Colin's parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, and since they hadn't had a family photo done since he and his siblings were kids, they decided that a family portrait would make the perfect anniversary gift. So he and his wife and three siblings met me in Old Lyme for some funny, creative photos. I love the fact that they are a family of bonny Irish redheads-ooooh, those gorgeous crimson curls! It was my most unique portrait session to date, and we had so much fun "playing" at the beach. They decided to resurrect--or reinvent--their favorite Halloween costumes from childhood (see Colin's makeshift get-up). Sean did rock n' roll stunts, Justin did fancy basketball tricks, and Colin flew like superman. Really.