Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Julia Elaine: newborn

Over the summer, my friends Ben and Michele welcomed a baby girl, Julia Elaine. What a little cuddle-bear! She looks so much like her daddy to me, and it is just so sweet to see Ben as a father. He scoops her up, and handles her with such ease and tenderness--like he's done this all his life. It is so sweet to see. Julia is now about six months old, but I wanted to make sure to post a few photos captured when she was brand new!

Baby blue eyes.

Proud Mama...

This is a little out of focus, but one of my favorites!

Of course, I had to have some fun and bundle her all up for a couple shots.

Ava and Tyler: newborn

Over the summer, my dear friends Gretchen and Ann welcomed twins, a boy and a girl. Of course, I couldn't wait to meet the little dears, so I went over to take some photos when they were just a few weeks old. Of course, since it was the thick of my wedding season, I haven't featured them here yet--and they are now six months old! I will soon post their three month session, but for now, take a peek at Tyler and Ava when they were brand new...

I couldn't resist swaddling them in pink and blue...

Proud (and exhausted) parents.

Big brother Cole.

Cole, a bit shell-shocked by how much life had changed in the last few weeks.

Tyler, a bit exhausted from so much modeling.

Ann and Ava on the left, Gretchen and Tyler on the right.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Very Merry

Merry Christmas, a day late! In the last month and a half, I repeatedly tried and failed to capture a photo of my children for my Christmas card. Though she smiles and poses adorably when Matt takes out his ipone, whenever Maeve sees my giant lens coming at her, she yells, "No!" and runs the other way. So I finally gave up and made a card using individual shots of the girls. Of course, the very next day after dropping my cards in the mail, with the girls dressed for Christmas day, I plopped them down in front of the tree for a quick shot, and Maeve smiled sweetly, saying "cheeeeese" and mugging for the camera. So I figured I'd feature it here, the shot I thought was unattainable, and send out wishes for a very happy holiday season!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Cassandra: newborn

I have only blogged weddings all season, and now that I am soon to enter my "winter lull" (just one more wedding on New Year's day!), I would like to go back and post some of my portrait sessions from the last few months. I have had the opportunity to photograph some lovely little ones and families, and I will try to get a few of them up here. First is sweet baby Cassie, born to our neighbors in August. As the first girl born into a family with two boys, Cassie was a welcome addition, and she is just adored by her parents and proud big brothers Daniel and Jesse (according to Viola, the cute "neighbor-boys" next door). Cassie was plump and angelic just a week after her birth--and with those round cheeks and beautiful head of fluffy black hair, she couldn't have been more photogenic!

She seemed too alert and curious to be just days old!

Cassie and her two big brothers...