Monday, October 06, 2014

Tina and Joe: Thompson Island Wedding, Boston Harbor

Tina and Joe settled on a destination island wedding for their summer nuptials--but the island was conveniently located just off the coast of Boston! I was fortunate to be accompanied by my trusty colleagues Felicia and Gina, and we were in awe as we stepped off of the ferry onto the little slice of heaven just miles from our city. Thompson Island is one of the charming Harbor islands just a short boat ride across the harbor from Boston Seaport. The island was all theirs for the event: they stayed in a sweet antique beach house up the hill from the ceremony site, which was set up in the shade of tall trees just off the beach, against the beautiful backdrop of the Harbor and a hazy Boston skyline. But enough about the setting--more importantly, I cannot say enough about this wonderful couple! They were a dream to photograph--so warm, relaxed and easy going, and concerned not with the pomp and extravagance of the wedding, but with what truly mattered--their decision to commit to one another for life, and the friends and family they had chosen to witness this union. They are the kind of couple who remind me how right two people can be for each other; they have the perfect mix of tenderness and playfulness, and they interact so naturally and effortlessly. You immediately get the sense that they adore each other, and are truly the best of friends--and what better way to start the adventure of marriage! After the beautiful ceremony by the water, we flew through family photos, and then made our way out onto the docks for some romantic shots. I loved the way they giggled as I directed Joe to dip and twirl his lovely bride. Oh and did I mention these two are stunning? Tina with her flawless golden summer skin and feminine slender frame, and Joe, sporting the perfect formula of 'tall-dark-handsome'-ness catching her up in his broad embrace...After they humored me with some "romance novel cover poses" (definitely not in their comfort zone, but they rocked them OUT), they made their way just down the beach to their cocktail hour on the lawn in front of the pavilion. The setting could not have been more beautiful. The Pavilion was open to the summer evening, and guests fanned out along the grounds, watching the sunset, playing lawn games, assembling adorable group photos. I even pulled the leading man and lady back out for some sunset photos, as the sky turned brilliantly pink, and the twinkling lights of the city came into view. It is among my favorite places I've shot: the charm and natural beauty of an island wedding--and still a touch of "home" with the city in which they met in view. The best of both worlds! Not only did they have a packed dance floor, a spread of delicious pies, a bonfire on the beach, and a "do it yourself" polaroid photo booth, their wedding night also boasted one of the most spectacular sunsets of the summer. It could not have been a more perfect evening, and more importantly, a more deserving couple. Thank you, Tina and Joe, for allowing me to photograph your amazing day...  
Tina changed from sporty shorts and running sneakers into these babies. Hot damn. Tina looking down the hill to the ceremony site... A sweet and emotional moment. Her smile is contagious. Seriously, how could you not fall in love with these two cuties? Did I mention how awesome they are? Take a peek at their slideshow:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Amy and Matt: Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod Wedding

Amy and Matt were married on a sparkling summer afternoon at Ocean Edge Resortin Brewster, Cape Cod. This charming slice of the Cape has a special place in Amy's heart, as she grew up spending her summers there in Brewster, at her grandmother's cottage, which is just "down the beach" from Ocean Edge. Amy got ready in a cottage on a hill overlooking the sea, surrounded by her two sisters, mother, and sweet bridesmaids. With her long, lithe limbs and an abundant mane of brunette waves, she was a stunning sight once she stepped into her gown. The way it sheathed her slender frame, and fanned out at the bottom, set against the backdrop of the ocean's edge made her seem like she stepped out of the pages of a mystical mermaid tale! The ceremony was on the front lawn, the aisle strewn with pink rose petals. Amy's dad was emotional as he walked the eldest of his three daughters down the aisle, and I loved that, as they approached, Amy's mom whispered in my ear, "make sure you get a picture of Matt's face when he first sees her." He stood there solemnly, his five older brothers lined up at his side, and watched for her to appear on the front steps of the mansion. It was a moment I would not miss! After the ceremony, we were whisked down to the beach. Amy requested that we sojourn to the Western-most edge of the resort's beach, because it was bordered part of the beach Amy spent her summers exploring. After we braved the high sun for some photos against the glistening water, we went back to the front lawn for more family shots, and some romantic portraits through beautiful filtered evening light. After that, Amy and Matt were introduced into the reception in the Carriage House. After heartwarming speeches by both Amy's father and Matt's father, sweet parent dances, and a series of group photos on the balcony against a pink and purple sunset, the dance floor was packed all night by a very enthusiastic, fun-loving crowd with some stellar dance moves! But at the center of all the revelry, you could find Amy, snuggling quietly into the crook of Matt's neck, soaking it all in. It was an end to a perfect summer day by the seaside. Thank you Amy and Matt for giving me the opportunity to be there beside you!  
And of course, their slideshow...