Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lisa and Sean

Lisa and Sean were married on the beach surrounded by a small circle of their closest friends and family. The bride and groom were so casual and relaxed about their wedding, and this allowed them to truly enjoy their day. The event was simple and intimate, and charming without being fancy. The girls made their own bouquets of daisies, wore little black dresses in varying styles, and most impressively, Lisa found her dress on ebay, and, as she is the perfect sample size, didn't have to make ANY alterations! The only part of the day approaching drama was when the tiny chihuaua ring-bearer had a near dress-ruining incident--but even then, Lisa maintained her cool, collected, low-maintenance bride mein. Despite the small number of guests, there were a surprising number of dogs present. The Inn--Simmons Homestead in Hyannis--is so neat and quirky, and the owner himself is a collector of cats (and antique red cars, animal figurines, mugs, etc.)--so furry guests were very welcome at the weekend's festivities. In fact, the Chihuaua and Indiana, Lisa and Sean's black lab, were in the wedding (see Indiana below in her flower girl attire).

The Inkeeper is also a collector of plants, and this one twined up the staircase, along the landing, and crept all the way down the wall beside it--impressive!

The handsome, though trouble-making (in a sweet way) ring bearer

The very supportive flower girl be-decked in daisies...

The newlyweds were very sweet during their first dance, sung/played by Lee Sylvester (, a friendly, talented guitarist with an amaaaazing voice.

The B&G posing with one of the Inn's fifty antique cars (all RED). I like how sassy Lisa looks in the first one, and the second looks like an ad for the inn...It was such a unique place, I'm happy to promote it! Lisa and Sean, thanks for letting me be part of your day; I wish you two many adventures in the years to come.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meghan and Collin

Meghan and Collin got the perfect weather for their evening wedding on the Cape. Megan is tiny (but strong, a talented soccer player), and she has these rich olive eyes and miles-long eyelashes that made her a striking subject. Collin is so good-natured and considerate; he kept checking in to make sure I was "doing okay" throughout the wedding--too sweet! I kept asking him to pick up his bride and swing her around so her dress could billow in the wind, and he obliged my every whim!

I loved how the door and flowers outside the reception hall (the Sea View in Dennisport) coordinated with the hydrangea blue wedding color.

Love the blue detail in the gown!

A tearful moment just after Meghan came downstairs and her dad saw her in her gown for the first time.

Beach light is always tricky, but I did catch some yummy light coming through the veil.

This tender moment during the first dance is among my favorite images of the day. Congrats Collin and Meghan; it is obvious to me you are going to have a blissful marriage!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kim and Matthew

I met up with Kim and Matthew in downtown Boston on one of those unbearably hot evenings in June. But with the help of one lovely assistant, Tara (pictured below mugging with Kim), who carried the bags, facilitated needed water breaks, held back branches, blocked rays of direct sun, and persevered with a smile on her face the entire time, the shoot was a success! Kim and Matthew had so much fun in front of the camera; they were playful and ever-positive despite the heat. Kim has such a vibrant presence--she is always upbeat and laughing, and the camera just loves her smile! Kim and Matthew had an ice cream break, danced on the steps of a huge church overlooking the Gardens, and we all strolled Newbury street until I had barely any light left to work with. Congrats Kim and Matthew...I wish you a perfect wedding in Michigan next summer!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spot Pond near sunset

I have been so behind in my blogging lately! I am buried in work, and it is not easy to balance motherhood with a busy business...Thus, I apologize if all my shoots don't end up here, or if you're waiting for your wedding post, and it's still not up! Matt is on a work trip to Belize this week (poor guy), and it's amazing to realize how much I rely on him for Viola help (and tech. support :) It now seems like ages ago that Chris, Lesley, Brendan, and Baby Kirsten visited from AZ, but I wanted to put up some more pics from their trip. Our adventures included: the Aquarium, Drumlin Farm, Kimball Farms, a strawberry festival at Verrill Farms (we just couldn't get enough farm-life), and a Red Sox game...As you can see below, the Klocks are huge Red Sox fans from afar. On our way out to dinner on their last night here, we took some photos by Spot Pond in Stoneham. I even got Chris to snap a couple photos of my little family--for once, you get to see a glimpse of me on my blog(in all my awkward clothes-don't-fit pregnant glory), something I most often manage to avoid!

At first, Brendan wasn't so keen on having photos taken with his sister.

He ended up knocking her over in fact...

But eventually recovered and gave me his winning smile!