Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome Baby Maeve!

Click on the arrow below to see a slideshow introducing our new little lady, Maeve Sheridan Wertz...

At dawn on November 23, 2008, Matt, Viola and I welcomed our new little miracle, Maeve Sheridan into our family. Six days late, and with a c-section pending (because it was a VBAC, my doctor didn't want me to go past 41 weeks), I went into labor and was able to have my wish and deliver naturally. She arrived just in time--twenty-four hours before my scheduled surgery. The birth was fast and smooth, and beyond amazing to experience. She was born at 6:21 in the morning, and was placed in my arms within moments. A full month later and a full pound bigger than her sister, she weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Viola is enchanted with her tiny sister, and wants to hold her all the time. Matt and I had two potential names and since we loved both, and still hadn't settled on one a few hours after the birth, we decided to let Viola choose. When presented with the two names, without hesitation, Viola chose Maeve. Sheridan, her middle name, is Matt's mother's maiden name. Matt and I were once again astonished to behold Maeve's hair color--it is much darker than Viola's was at birth (so pale you could only see it in certain light), but at this point, it is definitely red--more of a dark coppery-auburn than Viola's strawberry. We arrived home on Tuesday to a house filled with bouquets of pink flowers in every room (my Mom is so wonderful). Despite one trip back to the hospital (turned out to be nothing), Maeve has settled into her new home beautifully. Life with a newborn and a toddler is nothing short of chaotic, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Maeve is so good-natured thus far, and she is so alert and responsive to my voice--especially to singing. Matt and I are overjoyed with the gift of our beautiful daughter; already she cries more than her big sis did (more meaning she actually cries), but she is the sweetest tiny bundle of love, and we are so blessed and can't wait to watch her grow.

I know it's taken me a long time to announce Maeve's birth (she's a week old today), and I apologize for the delay. To those of you who did hear of her arrival--your messages, calls and well-wishes are so appreciated, and I am sorry I've been so terrible about responding. Each day we are adjusting better to life with two kids, and we look forward to introducing sweet Maeve to all of you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Courtney and Eric: Engagement

I can't begin to describe how sweet Courtney is. We've been exchanging emails for nearly a year now, and every message I get from her is so warm and enthusiastic. And when I met up with her in Newburyport last year, I knew immediately that we were a great match. Courtney and her fiance Eric have since moved to New Jersey, but they came up north two weekends ago and we squeezed in an engagement shoot--and were lucky to get perfect weather. We decided to meet again in Newburyport; with it's charming brick storefronts, little parks, the Harbor, and many interesting and colorful nooks, we found so many great spots for photos and had so much fun exploring. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Courtney is as lovely as her personality, and Eric a handsome lad!

I just have to include the note Courtney sent after first seeing her engagement photos--it is proof of her sweetness...and feedback like this is so valuable to me!

One word. AMAZING.
We are SO SO SO happy with them. You captured everything about us. Your talent absolutely takes my breath away, and I feel so fortunate to have you document our day. love. and happiness. Thank you so much for such wonderful pictures. Your energy and passion about photography beams.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Our Best,
Courtney & Eric

Thank you so much for your kind words, Courtney. I look forward to being in touch as we await your big day!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Megan and Paul Slideshow

A few days ago, I traveled to Cape Cod to photograph the marriage of Megan and Paul, and I am so excited to show you a little taste of the day's beauty...At nine months pregnant, I wasn't even sure if I'd make it to the festivities, let alone feel so amazing. Just in case, I brought along an amazing back-up team: my beloved technical support and partner Matthew, my good friend Tara (who carried stuff, fed me PB & J, and pulled me up every time I crouched for a low angle :), and talented and ever-enthusiastic photographer Will Tangorra. I can't wait to sift through the zillion images we shot, and include Will's amazing eye into the mix! I'll probably have a baby before I get through them, so in the meantime, here is a slideshow to tide you over, Megan and Paul (click on arrow below the image)...I hope Aruba is amazing!

Martinez Family

On a perfect autumn afternoon a couple weeks ago, I met one of my former English teacher colleagues for a family session. I haven't seen Megan since leaving Lowell High School when Viola was born, so it was so nice to see her now that she's become a mother and watch her snuggle with her seven-month old little cherub, Ray-Ray! They are such an adorable family, and despite the bugs swarming around us as the session progressed, we came out with some really sweet images. Megan, thanks for the opportunity to spend an afternoon with your beautiful family, and congratulations on your sweet baby boy!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Martha and Rob: Wedding

The last weekend in September, I had the pleasure of documenting my cousin Martha's wedding in Old Lyme, CT. She and Rob were supposed to be married on the beach near my family's cottage, a plan that was thwarted by the rain that came down all day. Luckily, the reception was to be held at the charming historic Old Lyme Inn, and so they improvised, and exchanged vows in the Inn's library. And lucky for me, the Inn has a lovely front porch, so though I was climbing benches and running around exposing my equipment to the rain, the newlyweds remained nice and dry! One extra special aspect of the day was the presence of the tiniest flower girl, little Maddie, the newest member of our family. My cousin Todd, his wife Maribeth, and their older daughter Leah brought her home from Guatemala only a month before--so her Auntie's wedding was also a celebration of her entrance into the family. Martha and Rob, it is such a miracle that you found one another; you make such a perfect pair, and have so much to look forward to...I wish you so much happiness.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Asselin Family

A few weeks ago I met up with the Asselin family (and friends) for a series of portrait sessions. I photographed three of the four families last summer, so it was really sweet to see how all of the little ones have grown in just one year! The McElhinneys welcomed their second daughter in July, so I had the chance to photograph some tiny newborn toes and get some sweet shots of big sister Diana cuddling her baby sister. The Kuczek boys were as energetic as ever--and this year they were joined by their very busy now-toddler sister, Cara. I did a big group portrait of the Asselin siblings, their spouses and children, so this year I got to meet Henri and Lisa's brother Bill and his family. And the last sitting of the evening went to Colleen and her adorable family (her children are simply angels in photos!). We were racing against the sunset by the end, but ended up with many lovely images.