Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catie and Joe

I used to teach with Catie's mom Lauren, and I was thrilled when both she and Catie e-mailed me (on the same day in fact) to express their interest in me as a wedding photographer for Catie's wedding next August (8-8-08!). Catie reminds me so much of her mom, and she couldn't be sweeter. Her irresistibly funny, vivacious nature made the photo shoot so lively and fun. She is so spunky, and the adorable way she interacts with Joe--who is more stoic--is so cute to observe (and photograph). I tried to capture that dynamic as we strolled around The Sheepfolds in Medford (I had noticed the way the tall grass caught low light when I was there with Matt, Viola, and Ivy a week or so before, and I knew it would make an ideal photo spot). I had so much fun "playing" with them in the grass and on the rocks beside Spot Pond, so naturally, I can't wait to see them dressed all snazzy on 8-8-08!