Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sam & Kristin, Rye Beach

When my brother first asked me to photograph his wedding in September, I worried that if I was working, I wouldn't "have as much fun." But upon thinking about it, nothing is more fun for me than documenting weddings--and this one will be particularly meaningful to me. I have many roles for this event; besides photographing it, I am singing at the ceremony and making the invitations! So, I've been telling Sam and Kristin that I am going to impose an enagement shoot upon them whether they want one or not, and so when Matt, Viola and I decided to go up to Portsmouth for the evening last week, I called Sam and Kristin who met us at lovely Rye Beach at sunset...They are such a fun-loving, woodsy-sporty couple, and their adventurous spirits and playfulness made our shoot so lively--of course! I am getting a gem of a sister-in-law, and I couldn't be more excited for September...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Eric and Erin

Eric and Erin's wedding took place in two charming towns along the Connecticut shoreline, Deep River and and Old Lyme. My friend Lovely Linda, who recently started her own photography business, joined me for the day and captured so many amazing moments. Even on her own wedding day, Erin employed her skills as a stylist and did her Mom's and sister's hair. Erin was stunning, and when Eric saw her making her way down the aisle, he mouthed "Wow..." (as evidenced in one of the photos). Erin herself made out of moss the letter 'E's that adorned the church doors--beautiful! The reception was at the Old Lyme Beach Club, a lovely, remote venue surrounded only by ocean and trees--and their teal and white decor matched the setting perfectly. Erin and Eric had more fun dancing together than any other couple I've photographed; Eric spun her and twirled her and showered her with kisses all night. It was a pleasure to document!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Storytime Playgroup

Viola has a group of friends she made at Storytime at the Burlington Public library, and we have been getting together regularly for playdates--Viola and I both feel so lucky to have made these new friends! Here are some photos of Viola and her adorable storytime chums: Tessie, Kiera and Ben (Nora had to leave early for her nap). Tessie has a beautiful yard and a really fun swingset, and the kids have a blast playing there.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Trish and Jason

Two of my best friends were married last Sunday, and the event was as beautiful and perfect as we all knew it would be. Portland, ME is such a charming city, the perfect place for such an event. The Eastland Park Hotel where we stayed allowed dogs, so we even brought along our pup, Ivy. This time I attended as a guest, and though I intended to ignore my camera, I had to steal some shots. But just a few--their photographer, Emilie Sommer, is an incredible photojournalist and artist (I can't wait to see how she tells their story through her amazing work). The wedding was filled with elegant and personal touches. They cut lilacs a couple days before the wedding and made their own bouquets. Trish was breathtaking in her gorgeous couture gown, made by her sister Sharon, and her flowing veil, made by her sister Carleen. The music was performed by Trish and Jason's friends and family, and featured amazing classical musicans, a choir, and Trish's college a capella group. There were so many creative, thoughtful details, too many to list. Everything was so perfect and so lovely, and the weekend just flew by!