Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jeanne and Greg

Last week I met up with Jeanne and Greg at Gillette's Castle in East Haddam, CT for their engagement shoot. Jeanne and Greg are the most adorable couple...They were both a little shy in front of the camera at first, but they turned out to be great subjects, and the shoot had a very natural, genuine feel to it. They both have fabulous, bright smiles, and there are so many playful, laughing shots. I look forward capturing more sweet shots at their wedding in October!

Jennifer and Steve

I met up with Jen and Steve at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, and we took a stroll through the gorgeous trees in the low evening light. This was a true "engagement" shoot, as Jen and Steve only got engaged a little over a month ago. Jen is very on the ball with her wedding planning, and we had an engagement shoot scheduled just one week after I first met with her. Jen is a photographer herself, and as she is usually on the other side of the lens, she thought it would be nice to have some portraits with her new fiance. Jen and Steve are a terrific couple; they are funny, warm and full of life, and I am looking forward to photographing their wedding next May.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Becca and Jerry

Becca is a special family friend of mine, so it was an honor to photograph her lovely morning wedding ceremony. She and her sisters got ready at the hair salon early on the morning of the wedding, and there was so much energy and laughter in the room. Becca was anxious about the wedding, and her sisters tried to keep her calm; Amy supplied dance moves on command, while Emily employed her caustic wit. Becca was stunning in her flowy, greek goddess-style gown. Becca and Jerry have been together since they were teenagers, so emotions were high as they exchanged vows; Jerry couldn’t take his eyes off of his gorgeous bride, and beamed at her the whole time. Gillette's Castle in East Haddam, CT was the perfect location for the event with it's historic stonework, vibrant gardens, and tremendous view of the Connecticut River. As I strolled with the couple through the castle grounds, their affection for one another became so apparent as they cuddled and smiled into each other's eyes. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you embark upon your marriage, Becca and Jerry. Thanks for allowing me to share such an intimate day!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aaron and T.J.

T.J. and Aaron were married nearing dusk on the evening of 7-7-07 at her father’s beautiful farm in Killingworth, CT. They exchanged vows beside a pond full of water-lilies under a beautiful arbor made for them by Aaron’s father. The setting was so lovely: sweeping stone walls, rows of fruit trees, an antique Chevy truck (the bed of which was an ice-filled beverage cooler), horse stables and pastures—and of course, the beautiful horses themselves! Aaron was a very witty and entertaining groom, and he helped call the shots. Despite the fact that he was clear that modeling is not his thing, I was impressed by the fact that he was so accommodating and even romanced his beautiful bride in front of my camera. I loved the splashes of red against the natural backdrop--T.J.’s handful of roses, the gorgeous stationary designed by the bride and groom’s close friend Carrie Howes (see the invitation below--her work is beautiful!). The wedding was simple and natural, without frills, and it was an honor to document such a classy, memorable evening. My best wishes to the newlyweds!

Ellen and Michael, Forty Years

On July 22nd, my cousins threw a surprise Anniversary party for my Aunt Ellen and Uncle Michael, who were celebrating forty years of marriage on that very day. On July 22nd, 1967, my mom's sister, Ellen Barrett and Michael Cunha were married in the village of Bo in Sierra Leone, West Africa. They were both in the Peace Corps, and met during training. They fell in love during their first year in Sierra Leone, and spent the second year as a married couple. I've always been fascinated by the photographs my Mom had of their wedding day and her visit. She, my Aunt Martha and my grandfather flew all the way to West Africa to meet Michael and stand up for Ellen. The photos of the village and it's people were so beautiful, and the colors so vibrant. As a little girl, I always asked my mom to tell me about the wedding in Africa, and she would tell me of how Aunt Ellen made her own wedding gown, how they picked flowers for their bouquets that morning from vines that grew beside the chapel, and of the amazing live music and dancing during the reception. Aunt Ellen and Uncle Mike were so suprised that we had all gathered to honor them in memory of that day forty years ago, and they had so much fun. Here's to Ellen and Michael, and forty years of adventure, laughter, and love!