Friday, January 13, 2012

Rosemary and Michael: Battery Wharf Boston wedding

Rosemary and Mike were married on a Wednesday evening (a first for me), and as a touching tribute, on the 100th anniversary of the marriage of Rosemary's grandparents. The Boston harbor was aglow, romance was in the unexpectedly warm November air, and the evening was enchanting down to every last carefully chosen detail. I don't know if I've ever had a bride so expressive of her joy, and so very radiant; Rosemary was poised and glamorous, and revelled in every moment. When my fabulous assistant Alicia Legare and I arrived, the french doors of Rosemary's suite were open to the temperate November evening, letting in the unseasonablty warm breeze, late afternoon light, and a striking view of the Boston Harbor. Rosemary's amazing stylist Luis was putting the finishing touches on her makeup, and they were rocking out to Beyonce's "Put a ring on it."

Rarely have I seen a bride more exhilariated on her wedding day, more in love, and more dreamy and positive and grateful. And it has not been an easy road for either of them. She and Mike have both triumphed over major health challenges, and as a result are thankful for the chance they have been given, to embrace life, make the most of every day, and to hold each other close.

The room at the Fairmont Battery Wharf hotel was so romantic, aglow with silver and cream, the banquet table adorned with posies of white poppies and roses. It was intimate yet glamorous, every detail considered by Rosemary's talented planner and close friend, Rhonda Flashen. There was much sentiment in the air as Rosemary decended the grand staircase to exchange vows with her tearful groom. And those tears came back later in the evening, with the best man's moving toast. It was obvious to me how much support and love was in the room--it was in Rosemary's radiant smile, and Mike's tear-filled eyes as he watched her revel in it. There is no question that this union was meant to be; theirs is a powerful love story, and I hope the magic of the evening comes through in the photographs that follow. It is for moments like these that I do this job.

Getting a glimpse of her gorgeousness...


The harpist's fluid fingers as she set the mood for the ceremony.

The woman of the hour admiring the result of her vision.

Some of the day's lovely details...

Please take a moment to watch their slideshow. I think the song, "I have and I always will" by Dave Barnes is the perfect fit for their story.