Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Layla: newborn

Just days after baby Layla's birth, I got an e-mail from her mother Megan, a former colleague of mine from Lowell High School. Megan had planned on waiting to do portraits of Layla and her older brother next spring, but sweet Layla arrived early, and though perfectly healthy, weighed in at a wee four pounds! Megan knew that she would never be able to remember how very small Layla was, and how fleeting her newborn state would be, so she wrote to see if I could do a quick newborn session to capture Layla in all of her teeny-tininess...Becuase I adore wee little babies, and Megan happens to be one of my favorite women to photograph (she has a sparkling personality and she is stunning), I squeezed in a quick session--and I'm so glad we did! What a beautiful little angel (yup, I had to bust out angel wings for this one). Less than two weeks after giving birth (with no drugs by the way, amazing!), Megan was as stunning as ever, and watching her joy and tenderness as she cradled her tiny little daughter was so touching to observe. See for yourself...

Skinny, but strong little legs!

A Red Sox fan already.

Megan said Layla was like a little doll so with Viola's help, I ran with it:)

What's more precious than a little naked sleeping baby?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Laura and Joe: wedding

Laura and Joe are such a fantastic couple! The ceremony and reception took place at the Pine Hills Golf Club in Plymouth. Tara and I were instantly smitten with Laura's warm, genial nature and Joe's charming grin and delicious pile of curls. Laura and Joe expressed that they are not into being photographed--but you would never know that. Once I had them in front of my camera, they were so natural and genuine with each other, that my job was just so easy. I want to give another shout-out to Laura's cousin and talented photographer, Erica Ferrone, to whom I owed the pleasure. And thanks once again to my lovely assistant, Tara Lynn Sen for being so upbeat, creative, and helpful--and of course, for the rockin' second perspective. Congratulations Laura and Joe; I wish you all the best, and look forward to keeping in touch!

Joe has lots of nephews--such cuties.

This next one is compliments of lovely Tara--how adorable!

I saw this delicious golden light coming through the grasses and had to have it...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Anya and Chris: slideshow

Anya and Chris said their vows two weekends ago against the stunning backdrop of the Boston skyline as the sun set over the harbor. The wind was so strong, it made Anya's dress billow and her veil fly straight up from her head (it was quite the dramatic setting, and so beautiful and memorable). Chris and Anya wanted a simple wedding, with a few key must-haves: "flowers and pictures" (Anya) and a very 'Boston' setting (Chris). As you can see from the slideshow that follows, they got their wish--what an amazing evening!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sarah and David: slideshow

Here is a first peek of the beautiful wedding day of Sarah and David in Killingworth and Chester, CT. Sarah and David are so obviously meant for one another; it was in her gush of tears during the ceremony, his wonderful ear-to-ear smile, and in the jovial faces of all their friends and family who gathered to witness their union. Thanks so much for having me there, Sarah and David--and enjoy your first glimpse of the photos!

Becca and Paul: wedding

I am a sap, and I often find myself sniffling behind my camera at weddings, but Becca and Paul's wedding brought it to another level. I was close with sweet Becca in high school; we were on swimteam together, performed beside one another on stage, survived hearbreak together, and spent hours and hours talking--we were just made of the same stuff. And though we lost touch over the years, I have a warm spot in my heart for Becca. So photographing her wedding was extra-special because I had that inside scoop into her family, her history, and of course, her big heart. I loved watching her experience her wedding day--it brought back memories of mine. I sniffled during the father-daughter dance, and then she danced with her mother, and I really lost it. Like I told her, I was seeing my Viola all grown up...Becca is a ray of sunshine, and Paul is a very lucky guy. Looking at his face in the pictures shows that he knows it!

I want to give a shout out to my fabulous second shooter and excellent photographer, Mat Gardella, who contacted me months ago and offered to come along to a few of my CT weddings to orient himself with the biz and see if he might want to pursue wedding photography. He is absolutely the sweetest, most endearing guy (he's the father of FOUR girls, he pretty much has to be :) and I wish we lived closer so our girls could play and he and my Matt could "talk gear." One of my favorite Mat quotes is, "behind every great photographer there's a technology geek..." (I'm so lucky to have my very own!)

That's Becca on the right, her sister Lauren on the left (love the Evert girls' blue blue eyes!)

Becca's neice Anna's tiny feet in her auntie's heels...

This shot was captured by my AWSOME assistant, Mat!

This was one of the sweetest moments I have witnessed with this job. Their faces say it all.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Kevin and Sue: slideshow

The affection, respect, and tenderness that Kevin and Susan have for each other permeated every moment of their beautiful August wedding day. The fulfillment they have found in one another is so genine, and so uplifting to witness--and I think it comes through in their photos. Take a peek of their slideshow to decide for yourself....