Monday, August 25, 2008

Jill and Brett: Wedding

It was a windy, but gorgeous day on the Cape for Jill and Brett's nuptials. Jill got ready in her family's house in Mashpee, amidst a wonderful chaos of energetic nephews, all wearing t-shirts that said "Team Jill, July 20, 2008." Loved that. Between Jill and Brett, there are eight nephews (only two neices!) and they were all miniature junior groomsmen, adorably dapper in their matching striped ties. Some of my favorite moments were Jill's tears during the ceremony (I think they even surprised her) and Brett's enormous smile throughout their first dance. He wasn't a huge fan of being photographed, so it was these genuine moments when they hardly knew I was there that produced the most touching images. The reception was held at the Popponesset Inn in Mashpee, and the room was open to the strong ocean breeze (and until sunset, soft, low sunlight--hooray, a reception hall with natural light). And what a party their reception was! There was much competition for the rowdiest table--I think the table with the guy who stripped down to his boxers may have finally taken first prize :) It was such a lovely, fun wedding, and I wish so much happiness to the newlyweds.

I loved how they incorporated the ocean theme into little details like this.

Jill's teary vows...

The charming junior groomsmen stole my heart!

Brett beaming down at his bride during the first dance.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Betty and Steve: Wedding

Betty and Steve were married about a month ago (I know, I'm waaaay behind in my posting!) in Canton, MA. It was a balmy but perfect sunlit evening, and Betty looked stunning in her gown. She and Steve felt that the photos ranked high in importance to them, so they allowed me plenty of time to capture them in various locations throughout their day, a definite bonus for me (thanks guys!). Betty and Steve are very classy and poised, and though I had to coax the silliness out of them, they really relaxed in front of the camera and let their affection for one another come through. I couldn't take my lens off the kids at the reception; they owned the dance floor, doing tricky dance moves, skidding, whorling, and leaping--a couple of the little girls even did ariels across the floor (impressive). It was a beautiful night and I was honored to be part of it. I wish much happiness and love to the bride and groom!

I love how Betty's eyes are catching the light in this image...

These little girls were captivated by every element of the day.

This is my very last image of the night--exhausted children!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yoon and Kenji: Engagement

If you've done a shoot with me, you know I am of the opinion that there is nothing more beautiful and perfect than trees for a back-drop for my art. So of course I was thrilled when Yoon and Kenji asked to do an engagement session in the Arnold Arboretum. I love trees, and I just love this couple! Yoon and Kenji are so sweet and easy-going (not to mention what a good-looking couple they are--and they are both doctors, so smart and beautiful). It was a pefect evening with perfect low light, and we had so much fun exploring the Arboretum, in seach of gorgeous leafy bowers and chasing "the good light." There is a grace and a tenderness between Yoon and Kenji that is very natural, and thus, very easy to capture. There were so many lovely ones, I couldn't choose, so I am posting a ton of images. I wish you two a beautiful, perfect wedding this September.

Robyn and John:Engagement

Robyn and John live in South Boston, and chose a spot they frequent often--the Harbor Walk--for their engagement session. Many thunderstorm threats came between us and planning this shoot, so despite the cloudy evening, we went for it. Looking for brightness amidst the dull light, I discovered that the fire engine-red exterior of the Barking Crab gave me the vibrant background I was seeking! Robyn and John met during Freshman year at college, and after eight years together, are so excited to be married. They were so sweet together; I loved how John often kisses Robyn on the tip of her tiny nose. I of course made sure to capture that!

I love how these signs harken them toward their marriage (adventure awaits!)

This ship docked while we were there--so we had to go back and get some shots in front of it...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Three years!

Three years ago today, Matt and I exchanged marriage vows on the hottest, but most perfect day I can remember. We celebrated our anniversary by both taking the day off (I sent off a couple emails this morning and then ignored my computer until right now--I am more than swamped with work at present, but it felt good!) and going out for breakfast, for a nice long bike ride, and taking Viola to Canobie Lake Park (it was kid chaos, but she was in heaven). We then brought her to Mimi's house so we could have a date (we went to the Chart House at Long Wharf). When we dropped Viola off, I brought my camera, found a good patch of light, and instructed Sandy to snap a few photos. Matt romanced me a little in front of the camera. Strange being on the other side...

In response to a request, I have added an image from our wedding to this post...Don't let the graininess fool you, this image was scanned from film, and the original, taken by my moon-sista and artist extraordinaire Simone Jae Shin, is gorgeous. This was taken on the evening after our wedding in a field of queen anne's lace on the street where I grew up. The farm belongs to my parents' neighbor Peachy, an elderly farmer--in fact, Peachy and his wife were sitting on their porch that evening watching us frolic in their field!

In other news, we have an exciting family announcement as of today. Matt's brother Chris and his wife Brooke are expecting--not one, but TWO babies! Viola can't wait to have twin baby cousins. And the babies will be only about four months younger than our new baby. We are so thrilled for you guys. Oh and Happy Birthday, Chris!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Korene and Jonathan: Engagement

Korene and Jonathan definitely top my list as the most playful couple with whom I've had the pleasure of working. They are so obviously in love and googly-eyed for each other--you can't help but feel all warm and mushy in their presence (and want to go home and cuddle with your own flame). They had very little interest in looking at the camera; they prefered the comfort of each other's eyes and arms (and this was very much okay with me!). They wanted to meet up at the gazebo on the Commons--the very spot where they had their first dance (how lovely). The gazebo and surrounding area were bustling with people as it was Shakespeare in the Park week, but an audience didn't stop them from being as cute as possible. We then strolled through the public gardens and well, played. They danced and twirled, Jonathan slung Korene over his shoulder, lifted her up for a ride on his shoulders (he's 6'5, and she's teeny), dipped her (teasingly threatening to drop her) toward the pond, and my favorite, and a first for me: they actually rolled hand in hand, down a hill. Priceless. I can't wait for their Sturbridge wedding in a couple weeks!