Monday, September 22, 2008

Jennifer and Steven

Jennifer and Steven celebrated their marriage at the Harbor Watch Inn, a Victorian house overlooking the harbor in Onset Village, MA. The wedding was intimate and charming, and Jennifer was stunning in her formal gown with one of the longest trains I've seen. After the beach-side ceremony and formal photos, she changed into her reception dress, a sexy Marilyn-style number, and at the request of her new husband, we went back down to the beach for a few more playful photos. The entire day was perfect, from the location, to the perfect August weather, to the pink sunset over the harbor. And even more perfect was the fact that at the end of the night, a bright full moon crept out of the clouds and shone over the harbor. At the groom's request (and to my thrill), I brought out my tripod to capture the moonlit night and the soft harbor lights reflected in the water.

Jennifer has the softest pale blue eyes.

Jenn's dress billowed so beautifully in the wind...

I love how the sunlight sweeps across the newlyweds in this image.

Love to Colin

I want to give a special shout out to my dear friend Colin, who has been at MGH for over a month battling post-transplant lymphoma...He has suffered many setbacks to his treatment, and I just want to send him and his amazing wife Erin much love and support at this critical time. You don't find them more special than Colin; he is a one-of a kind, red-haired, Irish lad with the kindest, most giving heart, and he is one strong, brave fella. His three siblings have been donating platelets to him every week--what a gift...Please donate blood so you can help save the lives of those in need like sweet Colin.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Catie and Joe: Wedding

I had so much fun spending the day with Catie; she has been such an organized, on the ball, considerate bride in this past year. And she has the most fun, playful personality, which makes photographing her so easy (that and her adorable freckles and dimples). Despite the sunny morning, it started pouring as we were en route to the reception--making formal portraits very tricky. Luckily, there was a lull during my few minutes with the bride and groom, so I found a green, flowery area and grabbed a couple outdoor shots. Catie and Joe have the sweetest dynamic, and their interactions were so adorable. Joe had her laughing during the ceremony, and at the reception, they dazzled everyone by putting on a hilarious choreographed performance for their first dance. It wasn't your standard classical ballroom number--it was more like "A Night at Roxy," and it was impressive! (See move below.) And wow, can Joe and his brothers dance--very entertaining. It was such a fun day, and I wish so much happiness to Catie and Joe.

I loved the gold theme of the day--

and the bold color palate.

Good catch.

Kevin and Tiffany: Wedding

Kevin and Tiffany were married in Colorado early in the summer, and they held a rececption in CT a month later. So they were already newlyweds, and got ready together--which made for different, but adorable moments such as Kevin very sweetly strapping on Tiffany'shoes. The day was a challenge for me because we had no time for portraits, and instead hurried directly to the reception at Mohegan Sun--and disappeared out of the sunlight into the depths of the casino. Though I am a natural light photographer, I had to use my flash for almost the whole day (so I tried to make use of the bright lights and colors of the casino). It was such a fun celebration, and it was so sweet to see so many people stand up and honor Kevin--he is such a sincere, sweet guy. I am so happy he and Tiffany found one another while they were both traveling--their paths were meant to cross!

I loved this tribute--Tiffany's new husband's initial in a secret place.

Here my flash did not fire, but it made for an interesting shimmer of color--kind of looks like a painting.