Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maggie and John: Engagement

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE this couple! Thanks so much to my friend Erica, who was booked on their date, but sent fabulous Maggie my way! We had so much fun lolling around Boston's North End a couple weeks ago for their engagement session. Maggie is stunning (she's got that something fierce that makes her so fun to shoot), and John is such a fantastic sport (totally cool about smooching in public, which can be tough for the guys especially!), and he is so expressive and made the most adorable faces in so many of the pics (note his ice cream ferver). We had so much fun! We started out at my friend Lorrinda's looovely boutique The Velvet Fly,(see pics in the slideshow) and made use of the cool decor...And then Maggie and John strutted their stuff all along Hanover Street; they skipped hand in hand, climbed fountains, infultrated the Peace Garden at St. Leonard's, layed in magnolia petals, played on a fire engine, and of course, lavished in the many sweets Hanover Street has to offer (mmmm Mike's and Lulu's...). I don't think I have ever taken so many photos of a couples' feet--but who could resist the pairing of Maggie's shiny red flats with John's black converse. Loved it. Love them. Can't wait for their wedding at the Museum of Science this fall!

My friend Lorrinda's boutique is marvelous--ladies, visit The Velvet Fly, you'll love every single thing in it!

Loving the brick...

More shoe shots! I couldn't resist.

The following shots were under the direction of a very creative and friendly fireman--who gave John the fire hat to wear and instructed him to hang from the ladder.

I had them throwing petals into the air--then the wind cooperated and did the trick for us :)

I had to inform a passer-by of what we were doing because she gave me the "how creepy that your taking pictures of those people through the window" look

Cake practice!

And if I didn't already post a million photos, take a moment to check out Maggie and John's slideshow!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Katie and Kevin

Katie and Kevin were married a little over a week ago, and due to some exciting developments in the Wertz household (a new house! More to come very soon), I am only just posting their slideshow. What a splendid day I had the honor of documenting! Katie and Kevin are so sweet and compliment each other so beautifully. More to come in their future post, but for now, view their slideshow for a sneak peek of their lovely wedding at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland!

Visit Katie and Kevin's slideshow here!