Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mary and Miguel {Ocean Edge Wedding, Cape Cod}

Mary and Miguel were married on a balmy July day beside the sea on Cape Cod, at the gorgeous Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster. Sharing the spotlight with the blushing bride was their beautiful little daughter, Isabella, who is four years old, and danced about a flurry of adorableness all day. Mary and Miguel are such a warm, welcoming, easy-going pair, and their radiant smiles all day confirmed this for me. Mary is so good-natured and low-drama (she was so the opposite of a Diva bride, I had to convince her to "work it" and show off her smashing figure and those sexy glittery heels she rocked under that breezy, beaded gown!). And then there was her dapper man-of-the-hour husband, who was all about mugging for the camera with his dashing groomsmen. Miguel has the most charmingly adorable smile, as you will see below! And you can see both of them in their sweet little girl, with her wispy curls and bright, rich eyes. One of my favorite moments was the smile that stretched across Miguel's face when his daughter graced the aisle, and then again, when his stunning bride made her way toward him--it is rare that I get to see a groom light up TWICE, but so it was so sweet to see (and to capture). The summer sun was beating down on us as Mary and Miguel exchanged vows beside the dunes, the Atlantic glittering behind them, and soon after walking back down the aisle and as newylweds, they were consumed by a circle of family and friends, and so much warmth and love. It was such a fantastic crowd; that love and energy spilled over into the reception, especially once the dance floor opened up. The room was so warm and vibrant, and the dance floor was packed all night(the Dominican flavor in the music made it hard for me to stand still on the sidelines!). There was so much energy and love in that room, and at it's center, were Mary, Miguel, and little Isabella. Here's to the newlyweds, the beautiful family they have built, and a perfect start to their married life--congratulations you two! Isabella was excited and nervous about having her makeup done. I melted seeing how she clung to the makeup artist's arm the whole time! Many of my "glam shots" of Mary included her glamorous mini-me! One of my favorites of the day. Watching their leading lady take the aisle! Happy family. Another of my absolute favorites. Could she be more angelic? Curling tendrils blowing... Had to catch some leg in those sexy shoes!